Romblomanon Dictionary

The Romblomanon Dictionary was launched in February 16, 2007. It was the fruit of the intensive work of Dr. Leonard E. Newell who spent nine years staying in Romblon, Romblon, collecting texts, analyzing and studying the Romblomanon language. After that he spent another 12 years working hard to compile and edit the collected data. The dictionary was completed in 2007, and it has been published and is available to the public. This dictionary is dedicated especially to the Romblomanon people and to the academic circle of linguists found throughout the world.

Links to the pictures

1. Dictionary Launching Feb 16, 2007

2. Welcoming Event of DepEd Romblon to USec Bacani Feb 15, 2007

3. USec Bacani arriving to Romblon Feb 15 2007

If interested to purchase a copy of this dictionary, please contact Academic Affairs Department of Summer Institute of Linguistics, Philippines. Or call +63 (2) 722-6186


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